Who's Who at St John's, Staplegrove


Rev M. Stephen Kivett     

01823 270211 


Church Warden

Alec James



Church Warden

Chris Young    

Deputy Church Warden 

Mike Stevens



Assistant Church Warden      

Stafford Coombes 

PCC Secretary

Felicity McGill 

PCC Treasurer  David Grieg     

Appointed person

Kirsty Nelson   Norton Fitzwarren School
Child Advocate

Mrs Iona Young 

01823 276080


 0800 1111  

Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting - 24 April 2018

Parochial  Church Council 

The "Approved"  Minutes of the PCC Meetings are available here or in the Church Porch 

  • Meeting held on 10 July 2018 (Minutes not yet available)

Hot Stuff! 

Joyce takes a closer look at the display of chilli plants at the Taunton Flower Show - August 2018