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Messy Church

  • Activities are provided in Church which are related to the bible for accompanied school age children
  • At our bring and share picnic this year in August we concentrated on the theme of 'Caring for God's creation'. Activities included making a banner with seed flower pictures; making and using water filters and making and eating fruit salad! We thought about the creation story and God entrusting the world to our care. Thank you to all who helped


Why not ring Moira on 279686 or contact us if you would like further information or are able to help with Messy Church

Messy Church thinks about Lent and enjoys pancakes!- 14 February 2018

Messy Church families met on Shrove Tuesday to think about Lent, make some promises for the season and prayers. We discussed Jacob and his dream of a ladder from Earth to Heaven (which you can see in Church). We decided that Jesus is our connection between Earth and Heaven. The children made an amazing ladder and placed angels with prayers on it to stretch upwards.

Afterwards they held a pancake race outside around the outside of the church and enjoyed eating pancakes too!